Regulatory Analyzer®

Regulatory Analyzer®Regulatory Compliance is Within Reach

Federal and state rules and regulations for health plans can number in the thousands of pages, with new change-notices being issued sometimes daily. And when including internal rule content such as policies and procedures, and codes of conduct…staying current and ensuring compliance at all levels of an organization can become a virtually impossible task without the right tools.

Luckily for health plans, the Regulatory Analyzer® places all rules and regulations in one location for easy access. Users can generate reports to locate and crosswalk important regulatory content to regulatory projects such as member materials, policy and procedures, contract requirements, etc.

The Regulatory Analyzer® also compliments the CodySoft® Collateral Management Module® by allowing the user to integrate CMS regulations, Medicaid rules, etc., to the collateral development process and generate reports that present relevant rules to specific collateral materials and material processes – including materials creation and development, materials submission to regulatory agencies and materials publication.

Reduce Your Risk With The Regulatory Analyzer®

  • Centralize the storage and access of critical regulatory documents
  • Simplify awareness of regulatory content from multiple sources
  • Review only the relevant rules based upon your search criteria, and filter out unnecessary content to streamline the review process
  • Reporting output to support compliance submissions and audits
  • Stay current on evolving CMS regulations through the inclusion of HPMS memos linked to the underlying regulations they impact