Collateral Management Module®

CodySoft® Collateral Management Module®

The Only Project Management Software Designed Specifically for Health Plans

We know health plans have a very detailed and unique process for the creation of required documents, like the Evidence of Coverage (EOC), Annual Notice of Change (ANOC), and Summary of Benefits (SB). We also understand the challenges you face:

  • Manual document creation with limited technology tools, support, and team resources
  • Inefficient processes that easily result in document errors, and costly errata mailings
  • Complex and labor-intensive content review processes
  • Version control concerns
  • Strict compliance with CMS deadlines and unexpected “fire drills”
  • Lack of project visibility, control, and accountability
  • Stress, long hours, and team turnover

It’s a thankless job. With so many people involved in the process and regulatory guidelines that can change on a daily basis, it’s virtually impossible to have a smooth process. Until now.


The CodySoft® Collateral Management Module® was created specifically for health plans as a solution for these challenges. It’s the first application of its kind to incorporate project management, document creation, assets management, compliance tracking, reporting, and more – with added features that centralize all areas of the health plan environment, including compliance, IT, creative services, and operations.

With the Collateral Management Module®, You Achieve:

Simplified and Streamlined Document Creation and Review Process
  • Eliminates the painful and error-prone process of manual document creation
  • Robust document composition tools to automate the creation of individual plan version documents, marketing material, and other plan documents
  • Integrated document review process that allows for multiple rounds of review with task assignments and scheduling
  • Review, feedback and approval tracking with audit traceability, and version rollback.
  • Streamlined content editing and update process…with greater accuracy. Microsoft Office integration to allow for familiar document editing and change tracking functionality
Reduced Errors, Errata Mailings, and Compliance Risk
  • Stores all plan benefit information in a centralized “source of truth” location
  • Merging of centralized plan benefit information and document templates by plan type to automate the creation of unique plan version documents
  • Automatic document checkout during editing ensures version control
  • Ensures key steps in document development, review, and approvals are completed through integration of defined workflows into the task scheduler functionality
  • The CodySoft® Regulatory Analyzer® integrates CMS/Medicaid rules, guidelines and updates into the collateral development process by presenting the applicable regulatory information based upon the document specifications within the project record
Process Centralization, Improved Visibility and Control
  • Centralizes and provides visibility to the entire document creation process
  • Secured system access via the web from any location, without IT integration
  • Customizable user permissions, including document editing permissions, through role and user-based security protocols
  • Integrated project management tools, including flexible task assignment and scheduling functionality to manage complex workflows, coordinate interdepartmental involvement, and ensure project deadlines are met
  • Automated user notifications for key events such as changes to task due dates, new tasks assignments, and various required actions
  • Library and archives to upload, store and manage all associated documents and digital assets in one centralized location and eliminate the usage of outdated or incorrect files
  • Track status of compliance/regulatory submissions and approvals
  • Audit trail reporting of user edits, including ability to revert to prior versions
  • Customizable reporting capabilities, with included standard reporting such as daily and past due tasks, project status, workload balancing, production meeting, and compliance submission reporting
Improved Budget and Resource Planning
  • Improve future budget accuracy by comparing budgeted costs to actual costs upon project completion
  • Support increased resource requests through heightened visibility to LOB resource utilization
  • As a web-based tool, implementations can be completed in as little as 30 – 45 days, and without IT or PMO involvement
  • A proven implementation process and support team that will ensure your success…pre and post-implementation
  • Supports the complex development of ANOC and EOC materials, including a wide range of collateral materials such as formularies, directories, sales collateral, med management letters, etc.