Translation Services

Create English and Spanish Member Materials in Parallel

Translating member marketing materials can be tough. We’ve seen first-hand the frustrations health plan project managers experience in translating their Annual Notice of Coverage, Evidence of Coverage, Drug Formulary and Summary of Benefits documents to additional languages. So, we developed a way to:

  • Give project managers visibility to the translation process
  • Minimize the production timeline
  • Eliminate the iterative processes that increase the opportunity for errors in these materials

CodyPrint®’s Translation Services provide a parallel project path for creating both the English and Spanish versions of these materials in lockstep. Incorporating our CodySoft® automation software, our Translation Services put the power back in the hands of the project manager, and involves the translation company only in translating English to other languages instead of managing the process.

The Parallel Path Process:

  1. Translating Templates and Data: CodySoft® Editor templates for each plan type, data grids and assets are initially translated to Spanish. After specified rounds of updates to the English templates in CodySoft®, the corresponding Spanish templates, assets and data grids are updated to match the current English components. Once the final English templates, data and assets are approved, CodySoft®’s automation tool is used to create the individual English and parallel Spanish language plan versioned documents.
  2. Professional Proofreading: Professional linguists who are subject matter experts and have passed rigorous qualification standards, proofread the Spanish language versioned documents.
  3. Formatting/Typesetting/Desktop Publishing (DTP): Just as with English language documents, Cody’s translation subject matter experts review each versioned document for correct formatting and pagination, including page breaks, tables of contents, and headers and footers.
  4. Quality Assurance: The entire set of files are checked again against a comprehensive checklist to ensure that final documents are culturally and linguistically accurate, that the files meet any special requirements indicated by the health plan and that they are compliant with regulatory standards.