Print & Fulfillment

Control the Process from A to Z

With a unique model that offers a centralized, single-source solution for document creation, composition, prepress, proofing and quality control functions – along with distributed printing, assembly and mailing operations, CodyPrint® provides health plans the control and oversight they need to cost-effectively and accurately manage critical compliance communications.

CodyPrint®, our print and fulfillment services module, complements the existing functionality of our popular CodySoft® Collateral Management Module® by including the printing, fulfillment, and mailing of a health plan’s mandatory member communications, including the yearly Annual Notice of Change (ANOC) and Evidence of Coverage (EOC) mailing, plus recurring member post-enrollment “Welcome” packages, Member ID Cards, and other required mailings.

The Last Mile

Our customized CodySoft® suite of content and project management tools allows plans to develop, print and deliver required compliance documents with greater efficiency, flexibility and simplicity, while saving time and money for our plan customers. CodyPrint® is an adjunct to the CodySoft® Collateral Management Module, which extends the expertise, efficiencies and accuracy of our core platform to include the print and fulfillment of required member marketing and compliance documents.


With a centralized document management system coupled to a nationally distributed network of printshops and lettershops, CodyPrint® offers plans a truly customized solution that doesn’t bind customers to one production or fulfillment center’s capabilities or capacities. CodyPrint® analyzes each plan customer’s geography, membership, and distribution needs to derive the most efficient and economical print, lettershop and mailing solution.

Redundancy & Contingency Planning

CodyPrint®’s distributed solution allows for redundancy planning on critical mailings. Should a designated production facility suffer a machine or IT-related failure that would impact production or delivery timelines, CodyPrint®’s centralized document management system will re-route any or all of the production and/or mailing process to another CodyPrint® center, without jeopardizing the project. In the event that a plan must make last-minute changes to content in materials that have already been approved and printed, CodyPrint®’s ability to bring additional production capacity online through secondary or tertiary CodyPrint® vendors can be critically important to meeting compliance deadlines.

Reduced Postage Costs and Transit Times

By aligning plan geographies and member densities to CodyPrint® fulfillment vendors, CodyPrint® is able to print, bind, package and mail materials closer to final destination points. The savings in postage costs can be significant, while reduced transit times improve compliance timelines for when members receive marketing materials.