508 Remediation Services

Section 508 Compliance. Simplified.

It’s challenging to be competitive in the complex world of Medicare and Medicaid. It’s even more challenging to do so while being efficient and effective. CodyPrint® 508 remediation services efficiently and cost-effectively create 508 compliant PDFs from your plan documents that exceed required government and industry standards – saving you time, money and your sanity.

CMS Medicare Marketing Guidelines require that all MA plans and Part D sponsors have websites that are compliant with web-based technology and information standards for people with disabilities, as specified in Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. These guidelines extend to PDF files published to your website. Though CMS publishes best practices for ensuring Word and PDF documents meet Section 508 standards, it remains a tedious and complex process. But with Cody’s single-source offering, there’s no reason you can’t simplify it.

Cody has discovered that many health plans believe they are Section 508 compliant, when they are not. Read our blog to find out – ARE YOUR MATERIALS SECTION 508 COMPLIANT? 

Section 508 Compliance

After the document development and translation process is complete, Cody’s 508 compliance remediation services provide for the output of 508 compliant PDFs from each of your final, versioned Microsoft Word or PDF documents. CodyPrint®’s 508 services offer expert and efficient remediation for all required Plan documents, including ANOC, EOC, Formulary, Pharmacy and Provider Directories, Summary of Benefits, Enrollment Forms, and more. 508 remediation is guaranteed to meet or exceed CMS and HHS standards, and CodyPrint® can also remediate documents to the new, higher-level ISO 14289-1 (PDF/UA) standard upon request.

Integration into the CodySoft® Suite

Through our CodySoft® Collateral Management Module®, documents are developed with 508 compliance in mind by maintaining all special formatting tags and structures from original templates throughout the processing of the final, plan versioned files. Once each document receives final approval for print and website usage, Cody efficiently and cost effectively creates the final 508 compliant PDFs for online publishing.